Former President Donald Trump returns with his own website

Former US President Donald Trump in November 2020 (MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Three months after the end of his decree, Donald Trump launches his website this week: “Bureau 45”, as the 45th President of the United States (you will notice the temperance of the title). The new communications tool is not said to be a campaign from the radically connected former president, but was banned from Twitter and Facebook after his supporters attacked Capitol on January 6.

This site marks the first step in Donald Trump’s digital reconstruction, before creating his own social network (from here “Two or three monthsHis teams swear). With the new campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

This site has a lot of photos of Donald and Melania taken at public events over the last four years. Emphasis, complacency and lies. Sets the tone of the home page: The site is intended “To preserve the wonderful legacy of the Trump administration”. If you do not know, there is a former head of state “Launches Extraordinary Political Movement in History, Defeats Washington Establishment”. He has too “Saved countless lives” Thanks for its measurements “Energy” Against Govt-19 – the virus has killed more than 550,000 lives in the United States – after a long period of denial of infection. Back on Tuesday evening, Donald Trump and his entire contingent landed unmasked at his hotel in Mar A Logo.

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You also read that the former White House boss opened. “Period of unprecedented growth“In his country. And full examples. It is difficult to better evaluate the results of his four-year presidency. Obviously on this site you will not find any reference to libel, corruption investigations or indictment proceedings.

In any case we can see Cal’s appeals to his supporters. Donald Trump wants to return to the race for the 2024 presidential election. For now he is far from it, but he is itching. Likewise, his desire to do this show was so strong that he couldn’t help but win at a wedding at his hotel in Mar A Logo last weekend.

In a two-minute speech, Donald Trump simply talks about the groom – he does not know, anyway – he lives above the fact that the election was stolen from him, and asks this question: “Are you missing me?“? Obviously no one is saying no. But this little performance has been mocked on social networks. Internet users are wondering if Donald Trump can now be appointed as a restaurant or DJ for his wedding. Yes, we can!

On the former president’s site, we can already order customized options in the video (for wedding, retirement, birth or condolence). But in any case, there is a form to demand his coming and the arrival of melania in the flesh and blood. His existence is not guaranteed, but if there is a media it should be mentioned in his request. If you tick “yes,” you have a real chance of having an environmental agent named Trump in your home.

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