Free Fire when there is double diamond recharge

Free Fire It’s still the most popular Battle Royale game out there today, developed by Garena Continuous updates that keep survivors updated with new and cosmetic fixes.

To get skins, cosmetics, weapons, and many things in-game, you can get them with gold, but not everything can be achieved that way. The game currency is diamonds and can be obtained bit by bit in the game or purchased directly via payment methods.

Diamonds can be obtained through direct purchase with various payment methods, both inside and outside the game. Inside the game, there are very few offers when buying diamonds unlike what you buy outside of the game, through the official reload page pagostore.

Pagostor is a file Garena’s official top-up page For some gaming areas, the ability to recharge with different payment methods. The advantage of doing this through this page is that you usually get a reward of diamonds for every purchase.

Currently, from time to time, on the same pagotore page, and promoted by Garena, there is a double recharge event, where to buy any of the diamond packages, you receive the same extra amount absolutely free, i.e. 2×1 of the package.

Generally, this promo appears once in every update, and the last update for Free Fire OB27 was one week ago, so there’s a chance that the double diamond recharge will appear again in the next few days.

There is no prior announcement of these promotions, they only appear on the page and then they are published on the same official Free Fire networks, so we will only have to be careful once this promotion returns.

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New character Maru

According to his in-game biography, Maro is a falconer who enjoys bow hunting. It also has a file The negative ability known as Falcon Fervor. Base level for this skill improves ranged damage by up to 5%. It also helps players increase damage to perceived enemies by 1%.

Falcon Fervor’s maximum level (level 6) increases correlated damage by 25%, while increasing damage to perceived opponent by 3.5%. There is a good chance that Maro will launch in the ‘Shop’ segment, as it will be priced at over 499 diamonds or more.

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