Tech Specialist Announces Notable Increase in VPN Service Demand

Tech Specialist Announces Notable Increase in VPN Service Demand, a tech firm specializing in internet security, software reviews, and client education, has recently announced that there has been a notable increase in VPN service demand. is a leader in the VPN service review space and has become popular amongst IT enthusiasts for its high quality product reviews, education, and recommendations.

According to the CEO at GetMorePrivacy, “there are certainly a lot of reasons why our readers have been flocking to VPN services. Many of our readers are local to China and it is not always a simple process to maintain Internet security and privacy in this environment. Many of our readers look for advantages of VPN services that suit their particular needs. For some, it’s accessing streaming content from around the world. For others, the enhanced privacy features that VPNs offer are very attractive. Another popular reason that our readers have for seeking out quality VPN services is the military-grade encryption algorithms that secure user data. And, of course, we can’t forget about all those who want to stay safe while downloading torrent files.”

The security offered by VPNs is really quite impressive and it is one of the most sought after aspects of a VPNs feature lineup. VPN services utilize some of the best encryption algorithms available today. Information sent to and from VPN servers is encrypted with the same security-focused technology used by banks, government agencies, militaries, and other organizations and institutions known for dealing with highly sensitive information.

The benefits of such robust security features are many. One of the most obvious is the fact that unwanted, third-party onlookers cannot access any of the information being sent to or from a VPN users device. Prying eyes come in many forms. 

Hackers have become a major problem as it is becoming increasingly easy to steal identities of Internet users, as well as picking up on private and sensitive information of those users. Hackers have found many ways to take advantage of such information and the methods they use to collect the data they need becomes more sophisticated as time goes on. One of the fastest and simplest ways to protect oneself from hacker activity is to use a high-quality VPN service that promises to keep all traffic completely secure.

It is also important in some cases to be mindful of the watchful eye of government agencies and ISPs. With the Internet being a global tool used for the transfer of ideas, products, and services, there can sometimes be overlap and what is acceptable for one government and not for another. It is all too easy to accidentally overstep the legal boundaries of a particular governmental agency unknowingly. Using a VPN solves that issue, as it becomes very difficult for even a government agency to access information sent over a VPNs network. It should be said, however, that not all VPN services operate in countries where they are not obliged to supply government agencies with user data. For that reason, many VPN users opt for services based in countries where logging is not a requirement set forth by the governing forces of the country.

Going hand-in-hand with security features are the advanced levels of privacy that are made possible using a quality VPN service. Users enjoy levels of privacy using VPNs that are impossible to attain through any other Internet-based data traffic software solution. In a world where user data has become big business, many Internet users have begun taking steps to keep their personal information to themselves while online.

While security and privacy features are highly important and instrumental in driving VPN service interest to new highs, entertainment is also a major catalyst for increasing VPN interest. Whether it be streaming digital content from around the world, downloading files from digital media sharing platforms, or any other entertainment-based activity, VPNs offer up a wide variety of new opportunity to users of the software.

Gaining access to information is also an important aspect of VPN use. In many areas, access to certain social media platforms, news agencies, and other such sources of global information and opinion is restricted for citizens of those areas. For anybody living inside a very restricted zone, a VPN is really the only method of reaching information and ideas that would otherwise be unavailable.

About is an IT firm based out of China that specializes in reviewing Internet tools focused on security, entertainment, and privacy. works hard to educate its readership about the many benefits that come with VPN use, and the subsequent dangers that can occur when not using a virtual private network. Not all VPNs are created equally, as the firm makes clear in their detailed and comprehensive product reviews of the world’s best VPN services. Some are focused on privacy, others on entertainment, and still others act as a jack of all trades in the VPN space. ensures that each of its readers understands which VPN product is best for their particular needs. 

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