Google has removed this app from Play Store, if you have installed it delete it!

Google has removed this app from Play Store, if you have installed it delete it!

Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new threat on the Google Play Store. It is best to delete this app if it is still on your mobile phone.

The Cybersecurity researchers from CheckPoint Research They have discovered prof A new threat is spreading through Google Play StoreWhich could have put hundreds of people at risk.

The threat in question was hidden in The app is published on the Android app store, Which used to be another popular app like Netflix To achieve implementation Attacks Trolling Or steal sensitive data from victims.

Applications on an Android phone.

FlixOnline, the app that promised to access Netflix content from anywhere in the world, was a scam.

The malicious app was published on Google Play under the name FlixOnlineAnd his description confirmed that it was a tool with which to use Accessing Netflix content from other countries. When downloading and installing the app, users were prompted for a series of Permissions That gave the app a possibility Skip other appsOr, access the notifications content.

It was precisely this last permission that the threat used to try to harm the victims. And that is, by controlling notifications, “FlixOnline” is able to monitor WhatsApp notifications and send automatic replies For all contacts that have sent a message to the user of the infected device.


Flixonline, a scam spread across the Google Play Store.

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These responses included a Text indicating you can get Netflix for two months for free Link access. This led to a malicious webpage, as I set out to try to infect the cell phones of an increasing number of people.

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According to the data provided by the researchers, About 500 people have downloaded the app Before Google decided to remove it from the Google Play Store. Although it is not a very large number, due to the technology the app uses for deployment, the number of affected users could be much higher.

For this reason, if it is FlixOnline appIt is best to get rid of it as soon as possible.

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