Gov. 19. In the United States, a dramatic milestone of 500,000 deaths has been crossed

Although the United States has crossed the dramatic milestone of half a million deaths in recent hours, the Govt-19 epidemic seems to be coming to an end. In the last two weeks, new emissions have dropped by 44%, deaths by 32% and hospitalization by 30%. Since the peak on January 8 (300,000 new cases have been registered in a single day!), The decline has been steady.

It looks like we are on a downward trajectory » , Welcome to Rochelle Valensky, the new Director of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Be careful

Why such a common reflux? Immunologist Anthony Fossy does not think the vaccine still plays a role (13% of Americans have one injection and 5.7% two). Joint immunity is still a long way off because 70% to 90% of people need to be vaccinated or vaccinated. Another argument is put forward: seasonal, but nothing clear allows this factor to be highlighted. Wearing a mask, which is becoming more widespread and (late) awareness of the urgency to respect social distance has certainly had a significant impact.

However, caution is still needed. Foreign varieties are actually present in the United States. Thus, the first case of the South African variant was discovered in New York, a State Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement Sunday. In addition, the positive rate is higher in a few states, such as Delaware and Rhode Island. What prompted Anthony Fossie to warn that wearing a mask could be prolonged Until 2022 » .

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