Govt-19: 500,000 people die in the United States

LThe United States is preparing to cross the dark list of 500,000 deaths from Govt-19, this time with several indicators, the first of which is the rhythm of vaccinations, the glow of hope.

“It’s scary, it’s scary,” said Anthony Fucci, immunologist at Joe Biden’s adviser, on Sunday.

“We have not seen anything like this for more than 100 years since the 1918 epidemic,” he told CNN. “This is something that will go down in history. For decades, people would still be talking about a time when many died.”

According to Benchmark Johns Hopkins University, 498,786 people died at 00:00 GMT on Monday.

The first death from Covit-19 in the United States was announced a year ago, on February 29, 2020. It has been about three months since the country crossed the 100,000 death toll.

The death toll of 400,000 was exceeded in January on Joe Biden’s inauguration day, and he made it a priority to start the fight against the epidemic in his post.

“This is all sad …”

To illustrate this milestone of half a million deaths, the New York Times chose a chart: a large vertical column representing every little dot dead American. The base of the column representing deaths in recent months is almost identically black.

“500,000! This is almost 70,000 more than all Americans who died in the four years of World War II,” Joe Biden said Friday. “All this sadness … all this pain … all this pain …”

But during his speech at a Pfizer vaccine plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the 46th President of the United States also underscored how promising the current pace of vaccinations is.

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With an average of 1.7 million daily injections, it is expected to increase further in the coming weeks, with the hope of reaching 600 million doses (enough to vaccinate the entire population) by the end of July, he said.

In total, more than 61 million people have so far received one of the two approved vaccines in the United States (Pfizer / Bioentech and Moderna), which contain two required injections per 18 million.

Another encouraging sign: After the epidemic peak in January, the average and new cases of weekly deaths clearly declined, according to data from the Govt monitoring program.

“We hope this time is right!”

The polar cold wave and blizzard that have hit the country for more than a week have slowed down the vaccination campaign. Andy Slavit, a White House adviser on the fight against the corona virus, said Friday that the delivery of 6 million doses was delayed and that 50 U.S. states were affected by the delays due to bad weather.

Elsewhere in the world, governments have relied on injections to reverse the epidemic, with more than 205 million doses of anti-inflammatory drugs being administered.

In Australia, the vaccination campaign was at the heart of the matter on Monday: about 60,000 doses are being prepared for injection this week by health workers, police officers, staff of isolated hotels or residents of nursing homes.

However, the release was overshadowed by anti-vaccination demonstrations in some major Australian cities and hostile reactions from some spectators at the men’s final of the Tennis Open on Sunday.

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For the 20,000-strong Spotnik V-medical team that arrived Sunday from the United Arab Emirates and across the Egyptian border into a Palestinian residence in Gaza.

In Israel, the country has made great strides in terms of vaccines, shopping centers and street shops, which reopened on Sunday to the entire population as part of a third restoration since the outbreak began.

“We hope this time is right!” Said Mordecai Nazarene, 34, who opened his shoe store in Tel Aviv several months after it closed. “We are waiting for people to come, we only ask to serve them,” said the energetic man, happy to return to work.

In Europe, Germany – which has been somewhat restricted since November – on the other hand, should be on alert when schools reopen on Monday, following an increase in epidemics.

“We see the numbers rising again, which is boring, and it creates some uncertainty. Therefore, we need to be constantly vigilant, get tested and vaccinated,” Health Minister Jens Span stressed.

In Italy, it is the weekend variations and meetings that are particularly favorable for mild weather, which is a cause for concern.

Massimo Galli, one of the Italian virologists, said in an interview with the Roman daily Ile Mesaccero on Sunday, “I am obviously concerned. “All data points in the direction of increase of new events.”

The epidemic has killed more than 2.46 million people worldwide since the end of December, with more than 111 million confirmed contaminants, according to a report founded by AFP on Sunday.

22/02/2021 01:29:39 – Washington (AFP) – © 2021 AFP

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