Harvey Weinstein is appealing the charge of sexual harassment

Former filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, who was jailed in March 2020 for the crime of sexual assault, appealed against the sentence on Monday, arguing that his security rights were not respected.

In an appeal filed Monday in New York State Supreme Court, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers argue that many women were allowed to testify in investigations into alleged assaults on their client, even if the facts presented were not substantiated or adequately substantiated, according to defense.

Six women were prosecuted at this high-level trial in New York. When Weinstein was accused of harassing or sexually abusing nearly 90 women, he was prosecuted for only two assaults during the trial: an aspiring actress Jessica Mann was raped in 2013, and former production assistant Mimi was forced into Connlingus Haley in 2006.

In their 166-page appeal, Weinstein’s lawyers argue that one of the jurors, the author of a book about men who rob young women, compromised the impartiality of the arbitral tribunal.

They also condemned the failure to call their expert on sexual harassment to the bar, even though the defense was able to quote Barbara Shiva.

The doctor explained to the jury that although both victims had continued contact with Weinstein after their attacks, the victims of sexual abuse often continued to attack.

The defense confirms that the former producer was sentenced by a judge and, until then, with a clean record, has been sentenced to “too severe” because of his reputation and the media coverage of the case.

Harvey Weinstein was finally convicted of rape and sexual assault in February 2020, in a verdict that was hailed as the #MeToo movement’s huge success. The 69-year-old former producer has been charged with raping and sexually abusing five women by the Los Angeles Attorney’s Office.

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An inquest is scheduled for April 12 to see if he should be handed over to respond to the allegations.

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