Hideki Matsuyama made history in the Masters


Hideki Matsuyama this Sunday defeated the 85th edition of the Augusta Masters And became The first Japanese In raising the men’s golf major championship title.

At age 29, Matsuyama remained firm in the lead he reached on Saturday and closed against Augusta National with a final round of 73 shots. He advanced by one shot over American Will Zalatores.

Matsuyama, fifth in the PGA rating, He is the first Asian player to wear a Green Masters jacket and the second to lift the Grand Slam titleAfter South Korean Yang Yong Eun at the 2009 PGA Championship.

Hope to be a pioneer and other Japanese to come later. “I am happy the doors are wide open and I hope more will follow,” Matsuyama said through an interpreter.

The Japanese The tournament concluded with a total of 278 results, 10 below average, One away from Zalatoris, who had aspired to be the first rookie to win the iconic championship since 1979.

Two seals wiped out the Americans Jordan Speth and Xavier Schauffele, who was paired with Matsuyama and made it to the end With options Even committing a triple ghost in the sixteenth hole.

Spanish John Ram, third in the standings, shone in the best tour of the day with 66 hitsSix below par, pushing it up to last fifth.


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