Highly encrypted phone call from Python to Kenyatta


Joe Biden and his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta have had an official telephone exchange since this Thursday evening since taking office as US President. Very coded appeal.

With our correspondent in Nairobi, Alban Thiruward

The two presidents reaffirmed the importance of bilateral relations between their two countries, particularly in terms of co-operation for peace and stability in the horn of Africa and the fight against terrorism.

The two leaders spoke significantly about the crisis in the Tigre region in Ethiopia and the urgent need for easy access to humanitarian aid. Telephone exchange is part of the continuation of a firm strategic relationship between the two countries.

This is a very symbolic appeal to Kenya and the United States. In Nairobi, commentators see this as a positive signal of the importance of the relationship between the two countries.

On the security front, the United States is a key ally of Kenya. U.S. forces are particularly involved in the training of Kenyan security forces. The U.S. government has largely invested more than $ 300 million in the fight against terrorism in the country over the past 5 years.

Kenya is also a strategic ally of the United States. He is one of the guarantors of the horn stability of Africa. Kenya has been sitting on the United Nations Security Council since January. It may therefore be called upon to play an important diplomatic role in the region.

Finally, the interest is economic for both countries. President Kenyatta specifically hopes to finalize a free trade agreement with the Biden administration, which began negotiations last year. The US government is seeking to reassert its position in the country in the wake of China’s growing situation.

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