Hot Sale 2021. How to get involved in your business

Hot Sale 2021. How to get involved in your business

Everyone is ready for you On May 23, the eighth edition of Hot Sale, the main discount season for e-commerce in the country.

If you are the owner of a micro, small or medium-sized business (mipyme) As you plan to enter the program, we share some recommendations to make your participation successful.

1. Schedule your campaign to be activated

For the second year in a row, Hot Sale will last eight days, which means that You will have more time to attract the largest possible number of clients And you succeed in your business.

So, It is important that you schedule each actionSo you don’t lose valuable opportunities to reach your customers. It is estimated that around 15 percent of shoppers start searching for their favorite products 15 days before the event, so planning is crucial to your entire strategy.

According to Mercado Lieber, it is estimated that One Of every two Mexicans plan to make at least one comparison during this edition Out of season, so the potential sales of your business can be quite large. In fact, the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) expects 450 companies to participate.

2. I saw your brand

Once you plan the timing of your strategy, so is it It’s time to let your customers know that your branding will be part of the action. Advertise your participation in Hot Sale 2021 on all of your digital channels, as well as the most attractive discounts or promotions you’ll be offering throughout these 8 days.

According to a Kantar study done for Mercado Libre, good implementation of a previous campaign can increase consumers’ buying intent by up to 65 percent.

3. Increase your visibility with ads

The Apply advertising efforts to digital platforms They can be an additional driver for your campaign, as this will help you get more visibility with potential clients. It is estimated that the vendors who implement it grow three times as much as those who do not develop this type of strategy.

4. Check the availability of your inventory

At Inventory Powerful, fully organized and ready to send, it’s a key factor for success in this type of campaign. Consider it Discounts will increase a large part of your order Therefore, it is important to ensure the scalability of your business, in order to respond to buyers’ expectations, and to ensure an unbeatable shopping experience and not excluded from the campaign soon after its launch.

5. Never stop monitoring your campaign

But Continuously monitor your campaign performance Not only will it allow you to reach more clients at the right time, but it also gives you a good amount of Thoughts This will help you provide an unbeatable user experience.

Pay particular attention to what they are looking for, how they reach or interact with your brand or business, and where they enter your page, site, or portal, among other things.


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