How do China, Russia, Europe and the United States adhere to vaccine diplomacy?

As the vaccine against Govt-19 moves forward, many countries have decided to use the vaccine as a diplomatic tool, as a tool of “soft power” and influence, especially in the poorer parts of the planet, especially in Africa and South America. But the major vaccine manufacturers, China, Russia, Europe and the United States, do not all have the same strategy in this regard, resulting in massive failures worldwide. This week we take you to Beijing, Moscow, Brussels and New York.

The China This vaccine is the best of the country that decided to use diplomacy. There are already two workable vaccines in China. And since the epidemic situation is more or less controlled within the country, the Chinese population does not need to be vaccinated as a priority, so export priority. One film summarizes the situation in which former Brazilian football legend Pele was vaccinated. To the delight of the communist campaign, when the former world champion was vaccinated using a Chinese product, the local media quickly made rounds.

Since the onset of the health crisis, China has exported its vaccines to more than 20 countries and has already promised to send 500 million doses to more than 45 states, so it does not want to stop there. Beijing is trying to restore its image as its image has largely deteriorated since the outbreak began. Officially, the communist regime refuses to play the heroes and says it wants to create a global public good. The global public good is what Chinese President Xi Jinping promised at the virtual platform of the United Nations last May.

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Russia Although the epidemic situation in Russia is not yet under control, Russia is pursuing a very similar strategy. But that doesn’t change anything. Here again, vaccine diplomacy prioritizes home vaccine exports. In recent weeks, Brussels has been considering approving the Sputnik V vaccine. A victory for the Kremlin, diplomatic relations with the European Union are at an all-time low. A diplomatic victory for Russia because the vaccine has already been approved in more than 15 countries. Allies Serbia or Armenia, but not only: Mexico and Argentina have received the vaccine.

A vaccine that appears to be the direction of Russia’s growing influence in the world can create new industrial alliances outside of its traditional sphere of influence. It already exists in South Korea, where the Sputnik vaccine is manufactured under contract. Moscow wants to be the same in the EU. The epidemic on the one hand showed that Russia was in the process of producing a vaccine, and on the other hand it showed that it was ready to supply it to the countries that requested it, while Western countries still have their course on their own vaccines.

European union Do not bother with further precautionary measures. First, the vaccine is given for general benefit. Therefore, it cannot be officially used as a tool of influence, in addition, the vaccine is only slowly advancing in Europe. But not all countries in the Union have the same position. Many countries do not want to open up to China and Russia, especially in Africa. As explained at the last European summit, several member states, including France and Portugal, offered to send 13 million doses of vaccine to the African continent to vaccinate its health workers. This is an index measure as it was less than 0.5% of the amounts allocated by Europe. But when there was a severe shortage of vaccines in the European meeting, in the face of public opinion, their allies did not want to explain why the move was difficult to sell, especially in Italy.

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Elysee regretted this denial, arguing that it was certainly a humanitarian move, but also a geo-strategy. It is unfortunate that the EU has sent tens of thousands of euros to support the African continent since the outbreak of the epidemic, especially by sending masks, respirators and personnel without doing so.

In the United States, Which is roughly the reverse of China. Because the epidemic is out of control, vaccinating the American people is a priority. Exports will then pass. This is “America First”. Finally, Biden likes Trump in this matter. The new US president is relatively clear on this point: he will not give any vaccines abroad until every American is vaccinated. However, there are levels: 700 million have been ordered. It is estimated that by next May, every American will have been vaccinated. After all, Joe Biden pursues this preference for “America First”. “America First”, to use the preferred expression of his predecessor Donald Trump. He repeated it to his Mexican opponent a few days ago, who, without success, demanded a dose of the vaccine.

On the other hand, the United States has pledged $ 4 billion to Kovacs, the United Nations vaccine campaign. But we are far from the diplomatic efforts used by the two major enemies of the United States, Russia and China, in terms of vaccines. This great battle for vaccine diplomacy begins without a doubt. But for now, China and Russia have a start.

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