How to download WhatsApp stickers that are not available in your country

How to download WhatsApp stickers that are not available in your country

For a long time you can use stickers The WhatsApp And download them from a store where you display some “official” stores created by the application itself, in addition to those designed by users. But it turns out that some packages aren’t universal, but are only available to certain countries.

But there is a way to download more stickers from The WhatsApp From other countries via the trick of getting a direct link. Often times these packages are adapted to local markets and application officials find it makes no sense to distribute them in other regions.

But, either because you live in a country other than your country of origin, or because we have many friends from other places, or simply because you want to access more content, here we explain how to do this. It is also worth noting that these are packages designed by the people in charge of the application, so the quality is very high and superior to what people usually use.

Direct links to WhatsApp stickers not available in the whole country have been compiled by WaBetaInfo. It is a blog specialized in the application that collects new features and works to develop them. They have discovered and collected all the direct links.

To add a regional WhatsApp sticker pack, just click on the link in the list below from your mobile phone and agree to install it in the app.

WhatsApp stickers list




Animated WhatsApp stickers for “Together at Home” in different languages

This is one of the many tricks of The WhatsApp It can improve application usability. We especially recommend 3 tips that will definitely give you It will change life. We also show you all the files Keyboard shortcuts With the purpose Whatsapp WebAnd, of course All news That will soon arrive at the app.

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