Ignoring Bitcoin could be a fatal mistake by the United States

Ignoring Bitcoin could be a fatal mistake by the United States

Early last week, CNBC interviewed the re-published leader, Kevin McCarthy, in which he warned about how dangerous it is for the United States to ignore Bitcoin (BTC).

America can be left behind

For those unfamiliar, Congressman McCarthy serves California’s 23rd District and is currently the Republican leader in the United States House of Representatives.

During the interview with Squawk Box On CNBC, a US congressman was asked whether he believed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen or Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell had “good knowledge of digital currencies or Bitcoin”.

In this sense, McCarthy emphasized that both officials tried to ignore the BTC until it disappeared.

Ignoring Bitcoin won’t make it go away

It is noteworthy that neither the Federal Reserve Chairman nor the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States are accustomed to BTC, let alone noticing its potential. In fact, Powell claimed a few weeks ago that cryptocurrencies in general were “speculative vehicles”.

Also, in January, Janet Yellen Highlighted The need to reduce the use of cryptocurrencies as part of anti-money laundering efforts.

However, regardless of private opinions, the fact that the United States appears to lag behind when it comes to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, is a reality.

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In this way, McCarthy assured that Bitcoin will be part of the future, and thus, They shouldn’t ignore it. Not only do they have to learn more about it, but the base will continue to grow. This is something that those who are regulating, those in government who make the policies, must begin to understand what that means for the future because other countries are moving forward, especially China.».

In this sense, this is not the first time that the extent of concern that the United States has not yet taken a position in the cryptocurrency market, especially on Bitcoin, has been discussed. These concerns are particularly acute as other countries advance on these issues.

I don’t want the United States to be left behind. I want the next century to be ours. Therefore, I want to look forward, not backward, and not put my head in the sand. ” The legislator concluded. Will the US continue to ignore Bitcoin?

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