In the United States, Caribbean and African immigrants also count

All eyes on the border of immigrants from Mexico and the border with Central America Nation It assigns its protection to immigrants from Haiti, Jamaica and African countries who have sought asylum in the United States.

This is the blind spot of the migration crisis in the United States. The arrival of Latin immigrants from Central America seeking to enter the country’s southern border illegally has been the focus of media attention across the Atlantic, a left – wing American weekly. Nation Sheds light on the plight of Haitian and African asylum seekers.

Whether they are Jamaicans, Haitians or Canaanites, Eritreans, Cameroonians, etc., the weekly magazine notes that it is difficult to guide the twists and turns of the American immigration system and that they face many obstacles to see their request for asylum. They often arrest and detain themselvesICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), U.S. Immigration Control Agency.

The black life thing

Many of them are later deported to their home country, the magazine points out:

In immigration, as in the case of the police, all the weapons of the American machinery of imprisonment and eviction fall proportionately on the backs of black people. ”

Activists and associations facing these difficulties and this discrimination, such as the Anthoblog Network or the Black Alliance for Just Immigration “Get inspired by the mobilization from the Black Lives Matters movement on immigration issues, as well as repression issues,” ‘Black life thing’”.

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