In the United States, Republicans attack to control the use of minority votes

Since March 25, it has been a crime in the state of Georgia to distribute food or water to people who have been waiting a long time to vote. The move, which the US president tarnished at his first press conference the same day, is a baroque example of a massive attack. Since the victory of Joe Biden in November 2020, the Republicans have indeed embarked on an unprecedented effort to tighten voting conditions.

More than 250 such bills have been filed or are under consideration in the Grand Old Party-led state legislatures. Officially, these programs are aimed at restoring voter confidence in elections. In a nutshell, they mainly complicate the votes of pro-Democratic minorities. In a study published by the Brennan Center for Justice 2020, a bar organization, Spanish-speaking and African-American voters expect an average of 46% and 45% of white voters to lack a sufficient number of desks. Has accumulated.

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Georgia’s case is a symbol of the war that is raging on both fronts, political and judicial. This government was really at the center of the conspiracy theory developed by Donald Trump in an attempt to overturn the verdict of the elections. His defeat explains the adoption of a controlled arsenal following the loss of two senatorial seats in January, particularly aimed at limiting postal voting as much as possible. It also linked the transfer of control of elections from the Secretary of State of Georgia to the Republican Party, the state’s majority political party.

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Maneuver theory

Donald Trump praised this out loud in a press release. “They have learned the lesson of the 2020 Presidential Parody, which will never happen again. Too bad these changes cannot be made anytime soon!”Shouted the former president. “We don’t need to know more to understand that these are punitive procedures to prevent people from voting.”, His heir was angry and instead condemned the actions “American Values”. Joe Biden also made a condemnation “Loy Jim Crow You XXIe Century “ In a reference to texts aimed at restricting as much as possible the constitutional rights of blacks that existed until the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

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