In the United States, the black and juicy market for automotive catalysts

The value of the precious metals that make up the emission control system of cars has increased significantly since the widespread use of this tool. In the United States, this sharpens the interest of recipients. The number of thefts has increased in the last five years.

The world is of two types: those who never open the hood of their own car and those who slip under the chassis of others steal their precious catalysts. For members of the first type, a catalyst is a part attached to the exhaust pipe to reduce their toxic emissions. And the precious metals that make it up “Worth More Than Gold”, Remind him New York Times.

Since 2015, revelations surrounding the Volkswagen affair have been rapidly extended to other manufacturers of “dieselgate,” the culprit who lied about the actual pollution of their vehicles, and the demand for catalysts in the automotive industry has risen. It exploded the value of the metals in the alleged currency, and “It simply came to our notice then



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