In the United States, the rights of transgender people are under severe attack in Republican parties

The rights of transgender people are under attack more than ever

USA, although Joe Biden was elected. After the New Democrats took office, he hurried to suppress some of the anti-LGBT laws passed during his predecessor’s time. But at the same time, many states, led by Republican members, have taken control measures, especially for transgender people.

According to Report by the American Human Rights Voluntary Charity ACLU, Indicating an increase in the number of bills hostile to these people by the beginning of 2021, 60 texts accepted or discussed in 25 U.S. states. This is already more than the whole of 2020, which contained 41 actions or plans to control the rights of transgender people.

Trans persons who do not recognize the gender (female or male) assigned to them at birth. They can sometimes opt for a medical treatment called rehabilitation. But they should not choose the third sex, hybrid or identify with any gender without identifying with the traditional male / female system.

Regression or “regression”

In the United States, many improvements have been made in recent months by transgender activists. They were particularly successful in June 2020, when the Federal Supreme Court, with a conservative majority, definitively upheld the ban on dismissing an employee based on sexual orientation or identity criteria. Most recently, the Biden administration withdrew from a lawsuit in Connecticut seeking to prevent transgender people from participating in high school girls’ teams.

Still, five days after taking office, on January 25, 2021, the new US president authorized transgender people to return to the U.S. military. His 2017 Twitter posts suggest that Donald Trump was banned from joining their military under the pretext of being too high for “medical expenses”.

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But for the most part, advances in the social sphere are followed by setbacks, both among conservatives and especially Donald Trump supporters. In the United States, this phenomenon is called “regression”, which can be translated as “regression”.

Doctors say there is a threat to prison

Since the beginning of this year, lawmakers in several Republican-majority states have chosen to prevent transgender people from accessing certain sports activities at school or to alter their identity documents in order to recognize their discrimination on religious grounds. .

For example, on February 22, Arkansas Senator Alan Clark spoke Proposed a law Prevent doctors from redistributing the gender of minorities and prohibit the use of government funds to provide care in this area.

A similar bill is being considered in Congress in Texas, Georgia or Kentucky. In Alabama, a new law will impose a 10-year prison sentence and a $ 15,000 fine on health professionals who provide sex-determining treatment (menopause or hormone therapy) to minors under the age of 19.

Transgender women are excluded from the ranks

The sports sector seems to be the most promising for those who oppose the rights of transgender people.

In Florida, a Read the law first reading The Senate plans to name educational institutions “boys / girls or mixed” for their sports teams. Although gender identity is different, it also prevents biological sex from competing in the male female team. The author of the plan, Republican Senator Kelly Stargell, believes it is a question of leaving. “Women athletes have the opportunity to prove their athletic ability”. According to her, transgender people are naturally fast or strong because they are born boys.

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Following the approval of both Houses of Parliament, a similar law is to be passed by the Governor in Mississippi. Legislators in Utah, Montana and North Dakota have similar plans.

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