In the United States, the situation is improving, but very weak

Thanks to the effective vaccine, the United States is gradually emerging from the crisis. Favorable situation that can be undermined by the political decisions of some states.

The health condition of the United States is slowly improving, however it is, in places, very dangerous. This Thursday, for the first time since last October, less than 40,000 cases were reported daily across the Atlantic, far from January 8, when 300,000 contaminants were reported in 24 hours.

In addition, other encouraging symptoms, weekly deaths, and hospitalizations have clearly decreased in this country, which has been severely affected by the epidemic in full value, with more than 520,000 deaths since the onset of the epidemic.

The vaccine is in full swing

This relapse to control the epidemic in the United States is largely explained by the vaccine campaign, which began in December and is now in full swing. In the country, in addition to the products of Pfizer Bioendech and Moderna, three sera are now available, and the single-dose vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson is now approved.

“We plan to have enough vaccines for all adults in the United States by the end of May,” Democratic leader Joe Biden said in early February, talking about “significant progress” since the vaccine began. In some states, such as Mississippi, the vaccine is now open to younger patients. WMC underscores the media.

Currently, 78 million doses, or more than 15% of the population, are administered, and the number of people vaccinated is higher than the number of cases identified in the country since the beginning of the campaign. Infectious. As announced Western France In recent days, Joe Biden has welcomed the agreement between the pharmaceutical companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson to increase the size of the country. The latter welcomed this cooperation, which is reminiscent of what was seen of him “during World War II.”

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In addition, in order to vaccinate more Americans, the White House’s new strongman Johnson & Johnson announced that vaccine production centers will now operate “24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

In some states the mask is no longer needed

If the situation appears to be improving, efforts made in recent months may be thwarted by the results of some. In fact, after announcing these encouraging data, many states have expressed a desire to drop more compelling measures.

This is what happened in Texas – where many demonstrators disagreed with the mandatory measures from the first weeks of the outbreak – announcing that they would stop wearing the mandatory mask from March 10, Texas Tribune.

On that date, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott promised to reopen some businesses. These results are based on an area that is “in a much better position” than last October.

“Now is the time to open Texas 100%. […] Thanks to medical advances in vaccines and antibody treatment, there are now ways to protect Texas from the virus, ”he said while visiting a restaurant in northwestern Mexico.

The same story in the state of Mississippi announced the resumption of its economy and the abandonment of the mask imposed on its citizens. “It’s about time!” Republican Tate Reeves wrote on Twitter.

“Rationalism by Neanderthals”

These results, at the moment of isolation, worry officials who fear an “oil stain” effect. Rochelle Valensky, director of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said: “I am concerned about reports that many more states are precisely raising the measures we have proposed to protect the population.”

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In recent hours, President Joe Biden himself has underscored his dissatisfaction with the situation and called it “a big mistake.”

“The last thing we need is rationality from Neanderthals who say everything is fine now: ‘Take off your masks’, ‘Forget it’,” he remarked, “now is not the time, to remove all restraints.”

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