In the United States, white evangelicals are reluctant to vaccinate against Govt-19

From Dallas to Tacoma, millions of evangelical Christians refuse to be vaccinated against Govt-19, citing religious, political and scientific reasons.

In the small town of Edmund, Oklahoma “Stephanie Nana, an evangelical Christian, refused to be vaccinated because the vaccine against Govt-19 contains cells derived from aborted embryos,” he said. Report it New York Times.

Tacoma, Washington, “Pastor Nathan French explains that he received a message from God ‘Vaccine is not a savior’.

On the outskirts of Dallas, Texas “Larry Armstrong, a nutritionist who is well versed in Bible reading, points out that he does not need a vaccine because God designed the human body to heal on its own.”

Among white American evangelicals, “There are many reasons not to get vaccinated against Govt-19,” he said. New York Daily Underline, And spreads like a virus ”.

A challenge to the country

This anti-vaccine movement continues to be a real challenge to the entire country New York Times Remember about the United States “41 Millions of white adults of evangelical faith, 45 of them % Declared at the end of February that they did not want to be vaccinated against Govt-19 ”.

Some evangelical religious figures prefer “Televisionist Franklin Graham or Pastor Robert Jeffrey took a stand in support of the vaccine.” They ordered their flock to be vaccinated, and many other voices continued to speak out, instigating fear against any vaccine and provoking conspiracy theories.

This was especially explained to many by Jean Bailey, the talk show host Followers From his YouTube channel “The US government and other globalized organizations are going to use the power of the Gulf and the prison system to force the needle in our hand.”

This distrust of white American evangelical Christians in vaccination presents a real public health problem, New York Daily points out, because the ongoing mass vaccination campaign in the United States aims to bring the country to collective immunity.

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According to a New York newspaper article, Jamie Hatton, professor at Wheaton College, an evangelical higher education institution based in Illinois:

If we fail to trust a sufficient number of evangelical believers to be vaccinated, the Govt-19 epidemic is likely to continue for a long time. ”


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