In three days, the United States will be vaccinated in three months, just like France


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The vaccination campaign against Govt-19, which Joe Biden relied on at the outset of his mandate, is being accelerated across the Atlantic. Not wanting to be compared to the incomparable, we see France vaccinated three days in three days just like the Americans, according to the Huffington Post.

In the first three days of April, the United States distributed 11.4 million doses as part of its anti – Govt. 19 vaccination campaign, which is similar to the results of its first few months in France, according to the Huffington Post.

White House COVID-19 data manager Cyrus Schaefer posted 4.08 million injections a day on Twitter on April 3.

The Huffington Post recalled that more than 20 million Americans had been vaccinated in the past week.

As of the evening of April 3, 31.4% of Americans had received at least one dose of the corona virus vaccine, and 18% of adults in the United States had been properly vaccinated. According to the data US site Govt Data Tracker. In France, however, the proportion of people vaccinated was 13.7% as of April 3, as a result The figures were made public Issued by Public Health France.

Vaccine production in France

France, like the rest of the European Union, is facing a shortage of anti-Govt vaccines in the midst of a third wave of epidemics. Beziers Mayor Robert Maynard recently raised the alarm in his department, condemning the government’s “strong failure” to distribute the levels on PFM TV.

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According to the Journal to Demonstration (JDT), the French team will launch the Delform Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine on April 7 on French soil in Ure-et-Lower. Also, this is not a question of production, as the liquid comes from the sites of Pfizer in Belgium and Bioendech in Germany.

Sweden’s group Reform will process the Pfizer-Bioendech vaccine in Indre-ed-Lower in April, and the Farwa team will compile the Curvac vaccine, awaiting verification from health officials at sites in Normandy and Pyrenees.

French Sanofi will make available the Marcy-L Doyle site in the Auvergne-Ron-Alps to compile the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by July.

Biden’s Hundred Days Anti-Govt

During the vaccination campaign, Joe Biden will continue to bet while the 46th President of the United States is betting on the start of his decree. On December 8, he promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans against the corona virus in the first 100 days of his presidency. The amendment, on March 25, upholds its promise and announces a new investment of $ 10 billion for this purpose.

‘S new presidential target 200 million injections Should be administered within 100 days, with current vaccination rates and vaccination strategy in the United States.

On Wednesday, Dr. Anthony Fossi, Biden’s senior medical adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, confirmed to CNN that the White House is more confident in vaccinating against this national anti – govt war.

“Hold on a little longer, the vaccine will allow you to overcome the re-emergence of the virus,” he said, noting that Americans are tired of the restrictions. “That’s the solution.”

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