Inflation stood at 4.67% in March; Its highest level since December 2018 – El Financio

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) accelerated to a level in March 4.67 percent At an annual rate, Banco de Mexico (Pansiko) is driven by rising energy, food, beverage and tobacco prices.

As mentioned above Its highest level since December 2018, When it was stabilized at 4.83 percent, according to the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI).

Therefore, inflation is higher than the target set by Banco (3 percent, +/- one percentage point).

The Basic price index, Excludes products with high price volatility from its accounting, which varied 4.12 percent year-on-year, recording 4.27 percent since February 2018.

Inside, the Prices of services They were at an annual rate of 2.30 per cent, up from 2.40 per cent in October last year.

The rise of Commodity prices It was 5.79 per cent per annum, the highest variance since December 2017. In that case it was 6.17 percent.

The Basic non-existence, For products that show high volatility in agricultural prices or fuels, such as 6.31 per cent.

In an inseparable way, the Prices of agricultural commodities They are at 0.64 per cent, while government-approved energy and tariffs are up 10.73 per cent, compared to the same period last year.

At the monthly rate, the Swelling Inaki data showed a variation of 0.83 percent during this period.

Prices of air travel, lemons, eggs and travel services are rising

Products that had the greatest impact on inflation in the third month of the year Lemon (25.41 percent); Air transport (22.12 percent); Package Travel Services (9.41 percent); Egg (8.05 per cent) and LP Domestic Gas (5.21 percent).

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Products that offered a reduction in their cost were Choyote (22.31 percent); Nobles (10.82 percent); Poplano pepper (7.73 percent); Potatoes and other tubers (7.24 percent) and beans (2.94 percent).

Those with the largest increase in prices, as far as the state is concerned Talakskala (1.27 percent); Chiapas (1.20 per cent); Sacadocas (1.18 per cent) and துரங்கோ (1.10 percent).

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