Inflation will continue to rise; May reach 6% in April: PPVA

BPVA Mexico The headline indicated that inflation could reach 5.5% and even 6% in April, with the bank estimating that it will be out of 4% throughout this year and until 2022, thus marking the limit. Bank of Mexico (Panixiko) For the indicator.

In this regard, the bank’s chief economist Carlos Serrano said Swelling There was a significant increase in March, however, it is expected to have even bigger growth in the first half of April.

“Inflation has shown a significant recovery in March, which will be higher in April. If we know the data for the first half of April, inflation will be higher than 5.5% and reach 6%,” he promised.

Apart from this, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) Annual headline inflation in March reached 4.67%, its highest level since 2018.

Serrano explained that this comparison is already expected by his comparison site, as inflation is calculated by taking this indicator as a particular one a year ago.

The current inflationary pressures are, above all, explained by the fall in energy demand, the imprisonment created by the epidemic of March and April last year. Govit-19, Because the costs of hydrocarbons are usually a reference to the prices of commodities.

Similarly, the bank predicts Pancio It has completed the cut-off cycle for the interim bank interest rate, estimating that it will remain at 4% for the remainder of this year, until it rises to 4.25% by 2024.


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