Is China on its way to overtaking the United States?

This Very rich report It is based on two years of work. The National Security Council for Artificial Intelligence, an independent US organization created in 2019, has released its 756-page text. Led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the organization also includes personalities such as Andy Josie, the future boss of Amazon. These experts do not hesitate to sound the alarm bells, because for them, AI is a ” Strategic impact As for their country, China is investing heavily in advanced technologies.

The EU also wants to invest in AI

The report confirms US dominance over the private sector or academics in the region. However, “China is a competitor with technological leadership, military superiority and the power, ability and ambition to challenge the United States’ larger position in the world. So if nothing is done, there is a possibility that in the next ten years the Central Kingdom will change Mama Sama.

To avoid this relative rating, a significant increase in funding for AI research and a ” Advice on technical competitiveness It will be overseen by the White House. They also suggest focusing more on local AI skills. The number of U.S.-born doctoral graduates involved in data scrolling and artificial intelligence programs has been stagnant for thirty years now, researchers say.

Keep in mind that this issue is of concern to the EU, which is also trying to assert itself in the field of artificial intelligence. A recent study by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), an American think tank interested in public policy that stimulates technological innovation, revealed the delays of the old continent in this area. Europe wants to invest in the next few years, especially in areas such as agriculture, medicine or autonomous cars, where innovations ensure real progress.

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