Italy is set to be restructured soon, hoping to make progress in the United States

Italy was preparing for a new lockout across much of the country on Friday to prevent an outbreak of the Covit-19 epidemic, while the United States seemed to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the vaccine, hoping President Joe Biden would return to normalcy in early July.

The Italian government is expected to announce at 11:30 a.m. (10:30 a.m.) on Monday that most schools, bars and restaurants in the country will be closed from Monday. Hospitals.

Italy, which has crossed the 100,000 death toll this week from the Covit-19 epidemic, has recorded a sharp increase in pollution and deaths, doctors say, largely due to the British variant.

If the country had introduced its vaccination program on wheel caps by the end of December, deliveries would have dropped significantly, and only 1.8 million of the 60 million people who received the two-dose vaccine on Friday.

In the United States, the remarkable progress of the vaccine, by contrast, has allowed President Joe Biden to remain optimistic and estimate that July 4 will be “a good opportunity” for Americans to celebrate the national holiday as usual.

The country, which has already issued orders to obtain adequate doses by the end of May to provide immunizations to all U.S. adults, is gradually removing the age limits so that all adults are eligible for the vaccine by the 1st.

– Fears Around Astrogeneka –

In the EU, Johnson & Johnson’s fourth vaccine is now approved, and with 200 million Europeans vaccinated, the commission’s chair Ursula van der said it could consider accelerating the vaccination campaign. Lion.

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But among the approved sera, the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca is facing setbacks in the wake of fears over the formation of blood clots: after being suspended by injection in Denmark, Iceland and Norway, Bulgaria has followed suit and Thailand has decided to launch its planned vaccination campaign on Friday.

“While the quality of Astrogenega is good, some countries (its use) should be delayed,” “we will delay it,” health consultant Piazacol told reporters.

The country with the epidemic so far (26,000 cases and 85 deaths) is now waiting to use AstraZeneca for the results of Denmark and Austria.

Although no link has been established between the vaccine and blood clots “currently”, the Danish National Institutes of Health acted cautiously on Thursday in the face of “serious cases of blood clots in those who have been vaccinated.”

Earlier this week, a few days after being vaccinated, Austria stopped giving a batch of these vaccines after a 49-year-old nurse died of “severe bleeding disorders”.

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg and Italy immediately stopped using the site.

The Anglo-Swedish laboratory and the British government responded on Thursday to protect the “safe” and “effective” vaccine, while the European Pharmaceuticals Institute said the risk of blood clots was not high among those vaccinated.

The European regulator estimates that the vaccine could continue to be used as the results of the ongoing investigation are pending.

France has ruled that there is “no reason to suspend” the Astrogenega vaccine.

In a country that is preparing to evacuate patients from certain regions to get rid of overcrowded hospitals, Health Minister Oliver Warren has described the overall situation as “tense and worrying”.

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– “Hot Spots” –

For their part, German health officials have reported a sharp rise in epidemics, which are warning of a “third wave” eruption.

Portugal, on the other hand, has put forward a progressive restructuring plan that currently boasts of having the “lowest infection rate in Europe”.

Concerned about “many hotspots”, the European Commission announced that it would extend its vaccine export control mechanism from late January until the end of June.

One year after the World Health Organization (WHO) decided to qualify Kovid-19 as an epidemic, the virus has killed more than 2.6 million people worldwide, according to a recent report by AFP.

The United States and Brazil were the worst-hit countries, breaking a new 24-hour death record (2,286) on Wednesday with a total death toll of 270,656.

On the research page, progress continues: US biotechnology company Novavox has confirmed that its vaccine is 89% effective against Govit-19, but its effectiveness has been significantly reduced against the South African variant, while the French pharmaceutical group Sanofi has announced the introduction of the first human trials of its second vaccine program.

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