Jesús Seade, AMLO negotiator and admirer of Manzanero who called Loret “Loretito”

At his press conference on Thursday at the National Palace, the President of the Republic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Blanca Jimenez proposed as Ambassador of Mexico to France. Lilia Rossbach in Argentina; Previously Jesus is a Korean master in China.

After the President’s suggestion, the Master congratulated himself and stated on social networks that “it will be a pleasure to continue to work for Mexico”, after the conclusion of the treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada.T-MECAs Undersecretary for North America.

With experience in commercial and international relations, Seade is well known as the People’s Republic China Having held the position of Vice President for Global Affairs at CUHK-Shenzhen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), as well as being the Vice President of Lingham University in Hong Kong.

A connoisseur of Asian country, Seade celebrates the Year of the Taurus and wishes “Gongxi facáies” (congratulations and prosperity to all).

Sir Curry remembers Cri Cri’s “cricket singer”, and listens to “Adoro” by Armando Manzanero, Celebrates the life of “the king” Pele and remembers that “October 2 was not forgotten.”

In social networks, he never ceases to remember Gabriel García Márquez, Keno, Mario Molina and Miguel de Cervantes.

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PhD in economics from the University of Oxford, Syed Curry was a Senior Adviser at the International Monetary Fund from 1998 to 2006. From 1994 to 1998 he was Deputy Director General at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and GATT.

A trusted person from Lopez Obrador, Seade has been nominated for the position of Director General of the World Trade Organization.

Likewise, his government CV indicates that between 1989 and 1994 he was the chief negotiator in Mexico for the establishment of the World Trade Organization, as well as an ambassador to the GATT.
From 1998 to 2010, he served as a member of the International Economic Law Advisory Board at Georgetown University School of Law and served as Fiscal Policy Expert in the State Policy Department at the World Bank.

Mr. Seade has also been a Professor at the University of Warwik (United Kingdom) and El Colegio de México.

AMLO Followers

He is a balanced, professional, upright and honest negotiator. He supports understanding between countries to facilitate trade relations, that there are no obstacles and that we have a global economy, and a global economy characterized by free trade, without monopolies, in which large countries, and small countries, all of them, can participate in it, said President Lopez Obrador of Seade, who highlighted his work At T-MEC on Thursday morning.

“It is a great honor to be with Obrador,” said Mr. Curry.

Photo: Archivo / EL UNIVERSAL

the retirement

In November of last year, after receiving the “Miguel Hidalgo” Medal at the National Palace, Jesus, Sir, expressed to President Lopez Obrador his retirement and his desire to return to his private life in Hong Kong.

“After these months of the pandemic and the very strong candidacy of the World Trade Organization, which did not reach the port due to political insistence from certain countries, but it was not less successful and wonderful, my family is complaining about me,” he said on that occasion.

Now, 5 months into his retirement, Seade is back in public life, bound for the People’s Republic of China.

Investigation of embezzlement

In November last year, the Department of Public Service (SFP) ended an investigation against Jesús Seade, without finding any wrongdoing.
According to Salvador García Soto, columnist for EL UNIVERSAL, Seade is investigated for embezzlement on trips to Hong Kong.

“The North American Undersecretary, Jesus Syed Curry, is being investigated for embezzlement and misuse of jobs, for using public resources and forged work committees on several personal trips he made to Hong Kong, for the sole purpose of visiting his wife and family who live in that Asian city.” The journalist said in his column on October 14, 2020.


In December 2019, Lopez Obrador exhibited to the Mexican Embassy in China It’s called “Loreto.” To the journalist Carlos Laureate de Mula Because he wrote that the Under Secretary of State was “ashamed” of renegotiating the treaty.

“Loreto, as many tell you, and I now understand why, you lose one by one but you know how to keep distorting and lying. I don’t even want to imagine what moves you,” Sid wrote on social networks to EL UNIVERSAL the columnist.

After the message, Seade offered an apology to the reporter: “I respect your union very much and I don’t like a hostile tweet that I sent you.”


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