Joe Biden suspends controversial deals with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras


In Washington, Joe Biden continues to unravel his pioneering policies. In particular, in relation to immigration. Controversial agreements signed in 2019 with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras restricting the right to asylum were canceled on Sunday. With this change, the Biden administration hopes to create a new federation in the region.

With our correspondent in New York, Gary Newton

With agreements signed in 2019, asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras had to return to their home countries, pending trial by a US court. In practice, this has not yet been the case with El Salvador and Honduras – and transfers between Guatemala and the United States have been suspended since the outbreak of the corona virus outbreak last March.

But the Biden administration is keen to distance itself from the Trump administration’s migration policies. So he canceled these contracts.

The United States was then criticized for not complying with international law. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said that the causes of these failures – especially insecurity and poverty – would be worked out in collaboration with the respective governments. But he said it does not mean open U.S. borders yet – a way to reassure Americans on the far right.

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