Joe Biden wants to invest $ 2,000 billion in infrastructure

Joe Biden announced his infrastructure plan from the industrial city of Pittsburgh on March 31, 2021. – Evan Wucy / AB / Ciba

According to Democrat Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, the plan is not ambitious enough. As for the Republican boss in the Senate, there is no doubt about raising corporate taxes to fund it. True to form, Joe Biden released a compromise on Wednesday. The US president on Wednesday proposed investing about $ 2,000 billion in infrastructure, with the goal of creating millions of jobs and standing with China in the fight against climate change.

“This is ambitious! This is courage! We can do it! Re has been running for president since he came to power three months ago to prove his reformist stance. “This will create the most flexible, strongest and most innovative economy in the world,” he added, stressing the need to “win” against China. “These are investments we can’t make,” he said from Pittsburgh, Pa., Where he began his campaign to capture the White House two years ago.

Funded by corporate tax hikes

The first phase of its “Built Back Better” program involves disseminating investments over eight years and is funded by a corporate tax increase of 21% to 28%. “It’s not a question of fining anyone,” Joe Biden explained, “for believing in American capitalism” and “nothing” against millionaires and millionaires. “I am ready for other ideas,” he assured, while reaffirming that he does not want low-income to be used.

His plan includes $ 620 billion in transportation, modernization of more than 20,000 miles of roads and highways, and repair of 10,000 bridges across the United States.

The new legislative attack comes shortly after Congress approved a recovery plan centered on the Govt-19 epidemic, which is estimated at nearly $ 2,000 billion.

But this Pittsburgh talk is only the beginning of a bitter war in Congress, the outcome of which is uncertain. The democratic majority there is really short and promises that the negotiations are strong.

The left is not satisfied

Already, the first voices of dissatisfaction have come from the Democratic Left.

According to the selected New York Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, the proposed amounts are simply “not enough”. “The envelope must be too big,” tweeted one defender of a brand new deal for the climate.

Wyoming Republican Senator John Barroso, on the other hand, said the plan was the only “Trojan horse” that would allow Democrats to “spend more and raise taxes.” The only assurance: the coming months will test the Democratic president’s negotiating qualities, the best comparator of Washington’s activities.

For example, the project plans to accelerate the “revolution of electric vehicles”, for example, the conversion of 20% of popular yellow school buses to electricity. It also aims to further resist new infrastructure for changes linked to climate change.

Need to restore roads, bridges, railways, ports and airports? This idea certainly makes sense to the general public, especially since many of the infrastructure in the United States came from the 1950s and did not come up for discussion in their waste.

The defeat of Trump and Obama

But building a political consensus is not an easy task. Joe Biden’s predecessors, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, also made great promises in this regard. They are a dead letter.

Former Democrat Joe Biden’s rival and now Transport Minister Pete Pattick, who is at the forefront of the issue, confirms that everything is different this time around, and the stars have been aligned. “I think we have an extraordinary opportunity to think big about the support of both sides and be brave in the infrastructure,” the young minister stressed.

From this challenge “Americans do not need to explain to them that we must operate on infrastructure, in fact you can not separate the climate dimension”. If the enthusiasm and political capital of Pete Pattigeek are real, the task will be threatening.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday expressed its clear dissent, welcoming many of Joe Biden’s decisions so far, from his return to the Paris climate deal to his recovery plan for the economy. If he accepts the option to prioritize infrastructure, he believes it would be a “dangerous” mistake for the Democratic president to fund his project.

In an aggressive and direct statement, Donald Trump accused his successor of proposing a strategy of “total economic surrender.” He denounced a “monstrosity” and estimated that the increase in corporate taxes would be “a great gift” to China. “Joe Biden’s brutal attack on the American dream should never become law (…) .Our economy will be destroyed!”

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