Joe Biden’s dog was considered unworthy of the US presidency

AIn the United States, we do not make fun of presidents’ dogs. From George Washington to Barack Obama, there was one for every tenant in the White House. Only Donald Trump has stepped down. The long tradition began again when the new head of state moved into his new official residence with his two German Shepherds: Champ and Major, along with Joe Biden.

An event that was revealed by the American press, but it also led to lunar scenes. Thus, on Saturday, February 20, on the Conservative Newsmax channel, the media reported that the senior of the two presidential dogs … was the subject of a debate among historians. TMZ.

Poor hygiene, poorly brushed, “disgusting” …

On this occasion, 12-year-old Corey was considered very old, ugly and neglected but above all unworthy of the presidency of the United States. He showed them a photo of Champ, and two “experts” downplayed his public health, saying he was badly brushed and “hated” him, comparing him to a “dump” dog. They also realized that Champ could not compete with George Bush SR’s English spring player Ronald Reagan’s Spaniel or Millie.

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Aside from the absurdity of such a debate, the series is reminiscent of the “corruption” of Barack Obama’s brown case in 2014, TMZ recalls. At the time, he was giving a press conference about the crisis in Ukraine and the conflict in Syria and Iraq, but it was his clothes that caught everyone’s attention. This light suit pulled on cream tones and made the former president look like he was floating in his jacket. Considered antique, the dress sparked a wave of ridicule on social media and in the American media.

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