John Travolta doesn’t forget the night he became a prince by starring in a witch ball with Princess Diana

He had already caused a sensation in that movie, “Saturday Night Fever,” from 1977. But the “Party of Passions” took place eight years later, at a dinner that Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy organized at the White House.

The young actor, who turned 31 in 1985, dared not to dance more nor less than Lady Dee, who at that time was a world celebrity at the age of 24. (He died in a traffic accident one day August 31, 1997, at the age of 36).

“Think of the moment,” Travota recalled in an interview with Esquire. “We’re in the White House. It’s midnight. It was like a dream on an entire stage.”

Nancy Reagan was the one who asked him to dance with the princess And he did so: “I approached her, touched her on the shoulder and invited her to dance. She turned and when she saw me appearing that captivating smile, kind of sad, accepts my invitation. And here we are dancing together like in a fairy tale. Who would have imagined that something like this would happen to you one day? I was smart enough to have it recorded in my memory as a very special magic moment. ”

Shook him, But he managed to walk towards it and drew his strength. “This was the easiest part, telling the truth,” she jokes. “The most difficult thing for me was confidence in myself, knowing how to address her appropriately and asking her to dance with me.”

Travolta said the dance was not planned and it was not among his dreams to dance with Diana of Wales, who at the time was still married to Charles of England and had already given birth to their two children, Princes William W. Harry.

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It was no coincidence that the actor was one of the guests at dinner, but rather a personal request from Mrs. Dee, who during the teenage years experienced the phenomena of “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease”, in the second show. Half of the seventies, and she “fell in love” with her.

According to Linda Faulkner, Secretary of Ceremonies under President Ronald Reagan at the time, Nancy asked the princes if they wanted a particular person to attend the party: “Each one of them sent a list and John Travolta was on the list.”

+ The Russian dancer did not dance

Also at that dinner at the White House was the Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, who liked her and wanted to dance with her.

At some point in her childhood or adolescence, she wanted to be a dancer, but she was forbidden to do so.

Lady Diana excitedly arrived in front of the artist, but did not reach out and left the young princess without the ideal partner on the dance floor. And his savior angel came: John Travolta.

For several minutes they were the envy of those attending the party at the White House and the press was responsible for its repetition in newspapers, magazines and TV shows, bypassing time and reaching this day when Travolta reminded him again in the interview with Esquire.

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