Johnson & Johnson recommends an expert panel to approve the vaccine

The final green light is now to be provided by the American Pharmaceutical Company, FDA. This may interfere with the next 24 hours.

A panel of experts recommended the sale of a single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson in the United States on Friday, February 26, leading to the immediate distribution of millions of doses when emergency approval is confirmed by health officials. The third vaccine against Govt-19 in the country. The members of this group – about 20 independent scientists – all voted that the benefits of the vaccine for those 18 years of age and older outweigh the risks of its use.

The final green light is now to be provided by the American Pharmaceutical Company, FDA. Of the two remedies already approved in the United States, Pfizer and Moderna were approved the day after the panel’s positive feedback. There is little doubt about Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine conditional approval, as the FDA itself released several documents earlier this week confirming the effectiveness of the vaccine. “Scan supports a favorable security profile that does not identify any specific security concerns that may prevent it from granting emergency application authorization”, He wrote Wednesday.

Experts spoke at the end of a one-day discussion broadcast live on the Internet, and after a detailed study of the data of clinical trials, were conducted on about 40,000 people. Many have cited, to justify their decision, the Course Against the time triggered by the infection, the absence of already approved vaccine levels and the emergence of new varieties. An extraordinary exercise in transparency aims to reassure the meetings of this group by reassuring the public by demonstrating the seriousness of the practice.

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This vaccine has two significant logic benefits: it can only be administered in a single dose and can be stored at refrigerator temperature. The efficacy of the vaccine in tests against severe forms of Govit-19 in the United States is 85.9%. When all parts of the clinical trial were combined, it was 66.1% against the moderate forms of the disease, and overall “identical” for all types of population (age, species). Frequent side effects include injection site pain, headache, fatigue and muscle aches.

The vaccine is already in use in South Africa, where there is anaphylaxis – a severe allergic reaction, Johnson & Johnson’s Macaulay Dukey revealed at the meeting on Friday. Such reactions, although very rare, have been reported even after injection of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Representatives of the FDA have also noted some cases of urticaria and rare thromboembolic events (obstruction of blood flow) and tinnitus, for which the link to the vaccine cannot be ruled out, but further analysis is required. Pushes to determine it.

“We all saw the news today about Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine – a safe and effective third vaccine”Joe Biden from Houston said shortly after the committee voted. “We will use every imaginable avenue to expand vaccine and third vaccine production and make even more rapid progress.” During the vaccination campaign, the US president said. “If FDA approves this vaccine, we have a device to distribute Johnson & Johnson as soon as possible.” Follow, he said Thursday.

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At least three million units of the “J&J” product are ready for distribution soon “Next week” According to the US government. The US company has promised to send 100 million doses to the US by the end of June. With a total of 600 million doses ordered from Pfizer and Moderna, the United States will already have enough vaccines to vaccinate almost the entire population by the end of July. But those from Johnson & Johnson can further accelerate the vaccination campaign.

In total, more than 70 million injections have already been carried out in the country, making it the most affected country by the epidemic. However, so far, only 6.8% of Americans have received the two doses required for maximum immunity provided by the two licenses already licensed, which use innovative messenger RNA technology. The “J&J” vaccine is a “virus vector” vaccine. It supports another low-level virus that has been modified to include genetic mechanisms from one part of the virus that causes Covit-19. Within cells, a protein common to SARS-CoV-2 is produced, which trains the immune system to recognize it.

The pharmaceutical company also said it was studying the effects of the two drugs on immune protection, raising concerns among experts that it could lead the public astray or that it would be “very useful” if he felt deceived if this option changed.

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