“Join hands” with his allies Joe Biden and radical change in American theory

The post-crisis crisis, from Iran to Burma to the climate, shows a remarkable consistency in the new US President Joe Biden’s commitment to engaging in unwavering cooperation with his allies.

After a month in the White House, it is undoubtedly quick to raise a “Biden Doctrine”, but the 46th President quickly changed the “America First” philosophy adopted by his predecessor, Donald Trump, who did a great job of inspiring Allied leaders. During his first international speech, Joe Biden pledged to “work hand in hand with (his) allies and allies” ahead of the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

“If there is any doubt, I will remove it: the United States will work closely with our allies in the European Union (…) – from Rome to Riga to tackle the common challenges we face. Already Paris has reaffirmed the climate deal and halted the US withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, the State Department approved an EU proposal for an informal meeting in the presence of Tehran, which aims to save the remnants of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. In the aftermath of the coup in Burma, Secretary of State Anthony Blingen sought to unite with allies India and Japan – enjoying deep ties with the country that the United States sought to trust.

Index distance

Within a month, Joe Biden had abandoned Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw US troops stationed in Germany, calmed down the game on a bill by South Korea to fund US troops in his Seoul, according to Donald Trump, and began a dialogue with its allies in Tokyo and Seoul. To identify the forward path in relation.

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When confronted with the growing influence of China or Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Biden’s policies should not be far from Trump, except that the Democrats should seek additional support from the international community. “President Biden ‘s main criticism of Trump’s strategy was not that he attacked China commercially, but that he did so alone, while at the same time attacking our allies and allies,” Joe Biden explained after a phone call to his Chinese envoy, Xi Jinping.

On the contrary, Biden symbolically distanced himself from many of Trump’s closest allies, whose intentions differed from those of the new administration, such as the leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

“An integrated effort”

It is not surprising that Joe Biden’s attitude is marked by diplomacy: he has demonstrated it in his half-century of political career, and has made the revival of American alliances one of the key points. Of its program during the campaign. The new president’s investment was immediate. The ambassador of a friendly country established in Washington, though virtual, noted with satisfaction that contact with the new administration was almost daily.

Officials in the Biden administration “have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to strengthen alliances over the past few years, so I believe this is a completely concerted effort,” Zachary Hosport told the Think Tank’s German marshal’s fund in the United States. Foreign leaders should be encouraged by Joe Biden’s commitment, for whom “President Trump saw alliances only on the basis of what he could get out of them,” he added.

Collaborative efforts

But Obama’s presidency, of which Joe Biden was vice president, shows that the importance of alliances should not be overstated. Although Barack Obama was very popular among Europeans, it did not prevent him from raising some dignity, but marked differences with allies over trade, taxation, defense budgets or the wars in Libya and Syria.

According to Zachary Hosford, Joe Biden should specifically make joint statements with allies, but the Democratic administration can encourage joint efforts, especially with a view to imposing sanctions on perpetrators of human rights abuses. “Not only symbolically, we can make a greater impact”, which underscores the expert.

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