Just hours before her new release: SpaceX Milestones, a dream comes true for Elon Musk | Technique

Just hours before her new release: SpaceX Milestones, a dream comes true for Elon Musk |  Technique

Wednesday NASA s SpaceX And it announced the postponement of the launch of the manned flight to the International Space Station, on Thursday, due to bad weather.

The US Space Agency has stated in detail that the take-off from Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, was finally scheduled for Friday at 05:49 local time, at the same time in Chile.

Specifically, the SpaceX mission will bring four astronauts to the International Space Station on their second routine mission since the United States resumed its manned spaceflight, and it will be the first with a European.

In the mission, he baptized Crew 2US astronauts Shane Kimbro and Megan MacArthur will participate, along with JAXA member Akihiko Hoshid and French member of the European Space Agency (ESA) Thomas Pesquet.

This is an important new step for Space x, Accompanied Elon Musk That has managed to establish itself as NASA’s preferred transportation provider

In fact, on Friday, April 16th, NASA had already announced that it had chosen SpaceX for its astronauts to land on the moon in the future, which is a milestone considering that the last time a human was on the moon was in 1972.

The contract, worth $ 2.9 billion, includes the prototype spacecraft Starship, Which is being tested at the SpaceX facility in South Texas.

This deal was again a huge achievement for Mask, as he ended up winning over important companies like Blue originBy Jeff Bezos and a defense contractor Dynamics To be the only person responsible for developing the Integrated Human Landing System.

Remarkably, NASA usually chooses more than one company for this type of task, due to the possibility that one of them will fail.

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SpaceX and its accomplished history … but also whimsical

SpaceX is an aerospace manufacturing and services company that was founded in 2002 by Musk, a businessman born in South Africa His personality is a far cry from the one we are used to seeing in the CEO of this type of company.

The entrepreneur is accustomed to speaking his mind and implementing his most ambitious ideas, no matter how eccentric they may be, the entrepreneur created the company to help lower the costs of space travel. And facilitate the future colonization of Mars.

Despite his critics’ comments, Musk – who has the second largest wealth in the world worth $ 174 billion – has made remarkable breakthroughs in the space industry.

One of SpaceX’s early achievements was developing the first privately financed liquid-fuel rocket to reach orbit (2008). We refer to Falcon 1, Which was finally replaced by the missile after being used for five missions Falcon 9.

Falcon 1 on its fourth flight in 2008 (CC) Wikimedia Commons

Later, in 2010, it became the first private company to launch a ship (the Dragon) To rotate and then restore it. Two years later, the Dragon became the first merchant ship to dock successfully on the International Space Station.

In 2018, Musk accomplished one of the most outrageous commercials ever: Capitalizing on Launch Falcon Heavy, The world’s most powerful rocket that belongs to SpaceX, to send Tesla’s Roadster electric car into space, which it also owns.

The car sent is cherry red, referring to the idea of ​​taking people to Mars, and has a mannequin on the steering wheel dubbed “Starman”.

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The interesting thing is that through the site Where’s the Roadster The vehicle can be tracked in almost real time. It is not known for sure what will happen to it, although it will likely collide with an asteroid or satellite.

But that’s not all, as Musk wants to provide broadband internet service, low latency, and global coverage at low cost through a giant satellite network.

It is in this spirit that the project was born Starlink, Through which more than 1,400 satellites have been launched so far, which maintains the rapid pace of launches as Musk plans to complete the goal of placing more than 1,500 satellites in space this calendar year alone.

What is remarkable is that within this ambitious development plan, Chile appears as the main country for Mask. For this reason, Starlink will test the innovative satellite internet technology in various places in our country in the coming months.

In fact, Starlink Chile and Subtel has been working since 2020 on a pilot program to take the first tests. The company’s national subsidiary has selected isolated areas in the municipalities of Caldera, Coquimbo, Bodahuel, Talca, Puerto Saavedra and Puerto Montt.

It should be noted that the first manned test SpaceX The one held in May 2020 ended nine years of the United States’ reliance on Russian missiles for travel to the International Space Station after the demise of the Space Shuttle program in 2011.

Friday’s flight will again use the booster missile used on the Crew-1 mission – the first – and the Crew Dragon capsule will be the same one used for the test mission.

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The four astronauts – Pesquet, MacArthur, Kimbro and Hocheid, will meet for a few days with the ship’s crew. Crew -1 Before the first team returned to Earth after their six-month mission.

And a strange fact: With three Russians on board, the station will be visited oddly, with 11 people on board. All thanks to SpaceX’s ambitious personality and mask. What progress will you make in the future? The range of possibilities is wide. Meanwhile, we can only enjoy these attractions.

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