Justice. France and the United States have not yet agreed on Pizarro’s painting

In the collection of an opponent

Pizarro’s canvas is a collection of works of art assembled by Raoul Meyer, Leon Meyer’s foster father in the 1930s.

Under the occupation, Raவுl Meyer, who took part in the protest, tried to keep his belongings safely in a bank in Mont-de-Marsen (Landus). But in 1941 the defense was looted by the Germans and the collection was scattered.

Pizarro’s painting reappeared in Switzerland in 1951. Ra ரl Meyer tries in vain to recover it, but Swiss justice opposes it. Pizarro was sold to David Findley, a New York gallery owner, who resold it to two American collectors in 1957 and eventually donated it to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum at the University of Oklahoma.

Leon Meyer, who found traces of this work on the Internet, brought an action for restructuring before U.S. courts in May 2013. In February 2016, the University of Oklahoma agreed to a friendly settlement. Under the agreement, the company recognizes the title of work right for Ms Mayer, but on the condition of a “cycle” every three years, between the Fred Jones Jr. Museum and France.

This rule was considered unacceptable by Musi d’Orsay. After the old woman dies, the U.S. contract provides that “the painting will be permanently transferred to the United States” if the agreement is not honored during her lifetime.

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