Less than 1,000 people have died in the United States for the first time since November

For the first time in nearly three-and-a-half months, the United States has recorded less than 1,000 deaths since Monday, March 8, Covit-19, according to Johns-Hopkins University. In 24 hours, 749 people died from the corona virus, far from the peak of 4,473 deaths recorded on January 12 alone. With 822 people dead, we have to return by November 29 to find the victims below the thousand mark.

Covid-19: Joe Biden accelerates vaccination through forced march across the United States

So the epidemic recession continues in the United States, with many trips such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and other end-of-year holidays, large gatherings, and similar levels of pollution and death prevalent. . This is the second piece of good news for President Joe Biden, who successfully passed the $ 1.9 trillion aid package in the Senate on Saturday, strengthening his massive vaccination strategy.

10% of vaccinated population

The vaccination campaign launched in the United States in December is actually in full swing, with nearly 10% of the American population, or about 31.5 million people, now receiving the two doses required for Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or the single Johnson & Johnson vaccine dose. This is more than the total number of Americans infected with the corona virus since the onset of the disease, according to CNN. The Biden administration now shows its ambition: to vaccinate the entire population by the end of May.

Health officials on Monday took part in an environmental protest, announcing that vaccinated people could no longer meet within themselves in small groups indoors without wearing masks and respecting social distance. However, these precautionary measures should continue to be respected in the presence of people who have not been evicted from their various homes and in public places.

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