Lyrids: visible meteor showers from this weekend

Lyrids: visible meteor showers from this weekend

It is one of the first meteor showers of the year and corresponds to the remnants of Comet Thatcher.

Greek legend says so OrpheuSon of Apollo He can calm monsters with the sound of his guitar. Meanwhile, people gathered to hear it and comfort their souls. When he died, Zeus ordered an eagle to take his harp and leave it in the sky Even their exploits are immortalized in the stars. Hence the constellation Lyra was born.

Every year in April, from the direction of the Lyra constellation A hail of stars known as Lyrid arrives. This shower is the remnant of Comet Thatcher (C / 1861 G1) that has a 415-year orbit and was discovered by AE Thatcher in 1861.

When is Lyrid rain in 2021?

Starry rain It will start on April 16th and will run until 28th From this month, but will be the largest intensity between 21 and 22Where seeing Up to 20 stars per hour.

In some years the rain was more intense, Get a 100-star registration Fleeting now.

To observe the phenomenon No need to use telescopes or binocularsBecause this rain is of medium intensity, it can be seen with the naked eye. For optimum monitoring it is recommended Stay away from urban centers with a lot of light pollution.

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