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The medical board described the team that treated Maradona as “insufficient, short and reckless”. | Photo: Instagram.

The legendary Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona “left to his fate” for him The health team he attended in the days Before that Death, 25 November 2020With “inappropriate, lost, and reckless” treatment, according to a report from the medical board that is investigating the cause of the victim’s death. Crack Argentino.

At the request of justice, the Council decided in a 70-page document that Maradona “began dying at least 12 hours agoFrom the moment he was found dead in his bed and suffered a ‘long agonizing time’.

The report was prepared by a multidisciplinary board of 20 experts called by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in San Isidro, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, which seeks to determine whether Maradona’s death was caused by a person’s abandonment or manslaughter.

According to the medical board report, the captain of the Argentine national team champion in Mexico-1986 “would have had a better chance of survival” if he had received adequate treatment in a hospital and a multipurpose healthcare center.

“Given the clinical picture, psychiatry and the poor general condition, he should have continued his rehabilitation and multidisciplinary treatment in an appropriate institution,” Council insisted.

Experts also pointed out that Maradona “He was not in a state of full use of his mental faculties, nor was he in a position to make decisions about his health” at the time of leaving the Olivus Clinic, where he underwent a head surgery.

And he is that in previous days, the former Napoli and Barcelona star insisted on leaving the clinic and refused to transfer him to another health center, According to a GP, Leopoldo Locke, one of those under investigation.

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Among its conclusions, the board asserts that “the signs of danger to life it presented have been ignored” and that nursing care in recent weeks “has had shortcomings and irregularities,” as well as a lack of controls.

The treating medical team fully and completely represents the possibility of a fatal outcome in relation to the patient, being totally indifferent to this question, not modifying their behaviors and the medical care plan established, preserving the harmful omissions mentioned above, giving up luck, “the patient’s health condition”, Refers to the expert report.

The The medical committee report concluded that the captain of the Argentine national team was the 1986 champion of Mexico “I would have had a better chance of survival” if I had received adequate treatment in hospital and in a multipurpose healthcare center.

The psychiatrist Agustina Kuzakov, neurosurgeon, general practitioner Leopoldo Locke, psychologist Carlos Diaz, a nurse, a nurse and a doctor are being investigated in the court case that opened for the death of “10” a coordinator and a doctor nurse coordinator.

Penalties in Argentina for desertion or wrongful death range from five to 15 years in prison.

Maradona spokesman Sebastian Sanchi commented on this Report “It is clear that the (medical) council is saying that for them at least things have not gone well.”

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