Missed the second dose of the Astra COVID vaccine? The study indicates that it is safe to merge with Pfizer – El Financiero

Mexico was one of the countries that had delayed the application of the second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19. Publishing a study in Europe might be beneficial if you are one of the people who has gone through this situation.

On Tuesday, the Carlos III Health Institute presented the preliminary results of a study indicating that combining the Pharma’s COVID vaccines with Pfizer is safe.

And the government of Spain published in a statement: “The immune system’s response has improved significantly after the second dose of the Comernate vaccine (Pfizer vaccine), while the adverse effects observed are within expectations.”

What formulation was analyzed in the CombivacS study? A person who received the first dose of AstraZeneca was subsequently vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

The study indicated that the alleged side effects ranged from mild to moderate and occurred between: The second and third day after applying the dose.

This analysis had its limitations: for example, study participants had to be at least an eighth week or more waiting for the second dose.

The institute revealed that after combining the doses, the antibodies in the study subjects multiplied 150 times within two weeks.

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