Monster Hunter Rise is about to become Capcom’s best-selling game on one platform – Nintenderos

Monster Hunter Rise is about to become Capcom’s best-selling game on one platform – Nintenderos

As you all know, Capcom Nintendo fans were not surprised by two new games from Monster hunter. The first one is Monster Hunter RiseAnd the The latest installment in this RPG series, where players will encounter terrifying monsters and rise to new heights. They will travel to the picturesque village of Kamura, a peaceful mountain town where players will discover unique culture and the latest fishing techniques. Thanks to a special insect called Cordocopter, hunters will be able to move in any direction and over a wide range of slopes and structures. All combat zones for each connected mission, allowing you to explore vast vertical landscapes without loading times.

As we told you this morning, Monster Hunter Rise managed to sell 6 million units In one month. He’s undoubtedly a great character, but he doesn’t end there, because that makes him Capcom’s second best selling game on one platform. Only Street Fighter II by SNES sold more on one platform (totaling 6.3 million units). Therefore, there are only 300,000 units left for you to surpass, which is clearly something that won’t take long if he continues at this good sales rate.

It must be remembered that Monster Hunter Rise will be released on PC in 2022, so the game will not be able to hold this title forever, although that does not mean that it is a milestone. Finally, I tell you that Capcom’s best-selling game of all time is Monster Hunter: World, with 16.8 million, although this title is available on multiple platforms and thus, has a much larger user base.

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