Mother, father and son dies in less than 48 hours from COVID-19. Her history travels to America

The events take place in Sao Tome, where a family lost their life to COVID-19. Argentina currently has a total of 2 million 714,475 injuries, while deaths have risen to 59,476.

Mexico City, April 19 (however). – Three members from U.S Family They lost their lives In 48 hours due Covid-19, In Sao Tome, Argentina.

According to local media, Carlos Miguel, 34, died on April 13, leaving his wife a widow and fathering a young daughter with her.

The man used to work in the municipal police district, but due to being part of the at-risk population, he was not employed.

“It is very sad to hear that this virus has claimed the lives of two of us, as well as the same family. It is a severe blow to all, and after that we cannot ask for more than responsibility,” Santo Tome’s mayor, Daniela Cuesta, said on her Facebook account.

However, that was not all that happened to the family, since Jorge Schweitzer, head of the Santa Fe County Department of Photography and in charge of running the newspaper. San Tome twenty first century, Graciela Noriega, and Carlos Miguel’s parents, both 62, also died of the virus hours after their son’s death.

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The Santa Fe Press Association has expressed regret for the deaths and stressed that this event alerts people to pay attention to this pandemic.

“With great concern and sadness, the APSF forum mourns the death of its partner Jorge Schweitzer, along with his wife and son, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He served as the head of the department. San Tome twenty first century. Jorge has been a longtime subsidiary of our federation. The death of Jorge, his wife, as well as his 34-year-old son infected with the COVID-19 virus, portends our union and alerts us to extra caution in the face of this pandemic. This is the first journalist killed by COVID-19 in the city.

Argentina recorded 20 thousand and 461 new cases of SARS coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total number of positive to 2 million and 714 thousand and 475 cases, while the deaths rose to 59 thousand and 476 cases, after 248 deaths were reported during the past 24 hours.

With information from EFE.

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