Murcia School, in Spain, offers beach classes for COVID-19

a School from Murcia, In Spain, he teaches his students in PlayaTo prevent further COVID-19 infections. Photo: Reuters.

to have School On the Playa Sounds like a dream? After a year of distance learning And the classes are socially separated, The School “Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente” in the region MurciaSpain, is doing just that, trying to combine clean air with a new way of teaching by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Outside SchoolFelix Rodriguez de la Fuente” On MurciaPupils wearing masks sit in front of a portable blackboard in rows of green desks separated from each other, on the sandy beaches of Playa From grandchildren. Juan Francisco Martinez The English teacher said in an interview It was given to Reuters:

“The place is safe, the children have a lot of fun. What they learn here they never forget. It’s amazing, because the students come to School And they are happy, They feel like they are doing something different from others. Wondering when we’re going to Playa?

SchoolAnd the Playa And COVID-19

Some students Barefoot wiggle her toes In the sands Playa While playing the xylophone. Others are squatting on their work notebooks to keep the breeze from blowing their papers into the layered sea at this School from Murcia Son Part of a larger well-known project How Fresh air (Fresh air).

  • It seeks to create better air quality for children during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Even through outdoor learning, like this School from Murcia On the Playa

The The teachers start preparing The Playa At 08:00. In the 20-minute lessons, eight classes participate and groups take turns in different areas. Children School Between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, they stay in their class bubbles. Until At the moment, no cases have been reported From COVID-19.

Students Murcia

Antonio Fernandez, 9, said:

“I like going Playa! The best to be in PlayaBecause I feel more relaxed and relaxed. “.

10-year-old Luz added:

“(This) so good because I’m with my friends, I’m in Playa, I love the PlayaIn the summer, I always go here to swim every day and love the sand..

And it is not just an environment Playa: Hayy Association members Close School from MurciaThey give life to the Roman era, disguised as soldiers. Local fishermen show their nets to the children and explain the source of their dinner. The Director, Alfonso Vera, concluded by Your intervention:

“The fishermen taught the students how to fish … how they themselves could feed us in times of the pandemic.”.

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