Music lessons in private tents? This is true, but it is happening in the United States

Students during a singing lesson in pop-up tents on February 26, 2021 in Venetia, USA. – David Ryder / Getty Images North America / Getty Images via AFP

  • Internet users are angered by a video showing a music lesson each child plays in the tent.
  • This is an initiative of a high school in the state of Washington in the United States, which has modified these unique pop-up tents to “prevent the spread of droplets” and resist the spread of Govt-19.
  • The students, who have been questioned by the American media, say they are happy to preserve the device and resume music lessons on the spot.

Fake scene or real music lesson during Govt-19? On Facebook, a video of children reading a tool in small private tents drew terrifying comments. “It’s only during a music lesson that the sanitary protocol is respected … and they accept it without scattering … how long will this submission last?” », Takes the Internet user.

” chest pain [de] Look at that, but we are real sheep […] No one is reacting, ”laments another on the anti-mask and anti-prison side.

Fake off

The video shows an orchestral lesson on health restrictions against Kovit-19, but no information to contextualize its content. The course does not even take place in France or Europe, but in the United States. It is an initiative proposed by Wenatchee High School in Washington State, west of the country.

“It was our music and drama teachers who came up with the idea BBC Eric Anderson, Chief. We know that students are going back to high school in a hybrid form. There were concerns about singing with the mask on, and we wanted to make sure students in a group had the opportunity to sing and read an instrument and that they practiced together. The video, which aired in France, was first shared by the Venetian Public School Committee
On the Facebook page February 26.

High school explains that private pop-up tents were “modified to prevent the spread of droplets” to allow music lessons to take place during epidemics A statement. The blocks have been tested to prevent small particles from escaping during lessons, ”the duration has been reduced to 35 minutes.

“Playing with others is incredible”

To Stone slab, Two high school students express their satisfaction at being able to play music in person. “The rehearsal is going very well,” Lars underscores the sorority, noting that the zoom courses “simply don’t work”. “Now that we’ve settled into these modules, it’s so exciting to be able to play together,” he adds. Any contact is welcome. “

His comrade Henry Bergie agrees: “We spent half of our year online. Playing and making music with others is amazing, I love it. “” Of course, this sounds silly and scary, defending another high school student, Libby Forst. ABC, But only when you enjoy it […], It liberates that can be created. “

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