NASA is now planning to place the first African American man on the moon

NASA is now planning to place the first African American man on the moon

The NASA It is more inclusive than ever and wants to clarify it upon its triumphant return to the moon in 2024.

And that the Artemis program, which was raised within its goals of placing the first woman on the Earth’s natural satellite, is now also considering the participation of the first African-American man in the mission.

This has been voiced at least by the Acting NASA Administrator, Steve GoerchekThrough a statement in which he presented his position on the priorities of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, For estimated spending for the next year, as the Agency’s budget needs to be increased by about 6% over the previous year.

NASA plans

“The president’s discretionary request increases NASA’s ability to better understand the Earth and monitor and anticipate the impacts of climate change. It also provides us with the resources needed to continue developing America’s bipartisan plan to explore space from the moon to Mars,” Including the landing of the first woman and first person of color on the moon Within the framework of the Artemis program, ”Jurczyk said.

He added that the funding request from $ 24.7 billion It demonstrates the Biden administration’s commitment to NASA and its partners “who have worked hard in the past year under difficult circumstances and achieved unprecedented success”.

While the first group of astronauts for the Artemis program was announced in December, the first two crew members were from Artemis IIIIn 2024, it hasn’t been announced yet.

“These are historic moments in the advancement of justice for all humanity,” he said. Bhavia Lal, Acting Chief of Staff of NASAAs reported by CNN, though it is still not known if the person of color would be among the first astronauts to return to the moon.

Photos: NASA

“Women and people of color represent an important part of all aspects of the NASA workforce, and the last two classes of astronauts selected included the highest proportion of women in history,” Lal said.

“Fifty percent of the national class in 2013 was female and 45 percent of the class in 2017. Today, African-American astronauts, Asia-Pacific, Hispanic, and multi-ethnic make up about a quarter of NASA’s astronaut assets,” the network revealed. CNN.

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