NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 receives a physical, very limited edition on the Nintendo Switch

NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 receives a physical, very limited edition on the Nintendo Switch

Waiting for news about the arrival of the outstanding catalog Game Boy On the Switch, SNK laptop classics make the console a scandal Two in one By Nintendo. And if all the address from New Geo Phuket It is exceptional, I collected it Special edition They are an irresistible impulse.

The main thing: from mid-March it is possible to get Pocket Color Choice NeoGeo Vol.1 From Switch eShop. Set of 10 Jewels from SNK Pocket Module. One month after its digital launch, Limited Running Games Its Collector’s Limited Edition makes it official, anticipating that bookings will open April 22.

What is included in this edition? Everything that would make anyone who owns a NeoGeo Pocket happy: a commemorative book, an 18-by-24-inch double-sided poster, a box reminiscent of SNK notebook gaming style, and a SteelBook. Although the biggest attraction of course lies in A selection of ten great games.

NeoGeo Pocket received customized versions of Neo Geo’s core stories including exclusive and highly successful versions of The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, or Metal Slug. And if that wasn’t enough, this was the system in which the highly anticipated first crossover between SNK and Capcom took place.

Thus, the game choice in NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1 couldn’t be more attractive:

  • SNK Gals Fighters
  • Samurai Shodown! 2
  • The King of Fighters R-2
  • The Final Blade: Beyond Fate
  • Fatal rage first contact
  • SNK VS. Capcom: The Millennium Match
  • Metal Slug the first task
  • The second task is Metal Slug
  • Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999
  • Big Tournament Golf (pocket edition of Neo Turf Masters)
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In addition to the value of the games themselves, each is offered on a digital console that includes their highly-precisely scanned manuals, plenty of visual options and configuration, and the ability to use the toggle touchscreen or Local multiplayer splitscreen. Real pass.

Needless to say, Limited Run Games releases Available for a very specific time, Which causes it to be drastically re-evaluated once it is exhausted. The period of open reservations prior to going up for sale will be crucial to obtaining these copies.

On the other hand, if you were tempted about the collection were the games, you wouldn’t be without it: The 10 games can now be purchased separately or through the digital version of Pocket Color Choice NeoGeo Vol.1 In the eShop (valued at 39.99 euros). And yes, in all cases digital controllers are included.

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