Netflix’s Castlevania series editor talks about the potential of Legend of Zelda – Nintenderos

Netflix’s Castlevania series editor talks about the potential of Legend of Zelda – Nintenderos

Definitely a new official series from The Legend of Zelda It would be a dream come true for many of us. Today we receive interesting data on this topic, after in the past there were rumors of Nintendo projects with Netflix. One project that gained momentum was one that Nintendo canceled after it was leaked.

Now from Zelda dungeon They had the opportunity to speak With David Howe From Powerhouse Animation, editor Animated series Castlevania Show On Netflix. On whether he would likely see the Zelda franchise currently, here’s what he said:

Well I think there is a precedent … I personally have two versions of the Ocarina of Time manga, so they’ve actually adapted it to a serial manga format … and I think if something works in the manga format, then it will work in animation. Then there is also world building.

I know this from myself personally and possibly a few of the people I spoke with too, whenever rumors of a live Zelda series appeared on Netflix, we’d clearly been excited; But at the same time we always thought: I feel it would work better as an anime.

I don’t want to speak for my co-workers, but if you look around the Powerhouse Animation office, we’re all geek. We’re all big fans of Zelda and Metroid … I feel anyone would be happy.

The Creator adds that The series you like from Zelda It will be, “For adults, take it seriously and give the characters and the world the respect they deserve.”

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