New design iMac launched and podcast subscription | Jimi

New design iMac launched and podcast subscription |  Jimi

Apple on Tuesday introduced a new completely redesigned iMac computer model, with a screen thickness of just 11.5mm, as well as a new ad-free podcast subscription service with special content.

The new iMac, one of the most complete and expensive computers in the full range offered by the company, uses the M1 chip developed by Apple and which the company began marketing last year, allowing, as they confirmed during the presentation, good performance without overheating or making excessive noise. From the fan.

The final touch of the computer is made of aluminum and the elegance of Apple products, which will be released this time in seven different colors: red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and silver.

The screen is 24 inches and a resolution of 4.5 Kelvin, with a reduction of the overall size by 50% compared to previous models, and the performance of the camera has also been improved, which according to the company can now record in 1080p even in low light. Circumstances.

The iMac comes with a magnetic power cord that connects to the back and has been completed with a keyboard, mouse, and trackpad redesigned to match the new model.

Apple’s high-end computer is priced at $ 1,299 (1,499 for more advanced versions) and can be ordered online from April 30.

The company headed by Tim Cook also took advantage of Tuesday’s event to announce a change to the popular podcast app, which will from now on offer listeners the option to subscribe to their favorite shows so they don’t have to listen to ads and access content and specials.

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Additionally, subscribers will also be able to listen to new chapters that are being produced before they reach the general public.

The price for each user’s subscription will depend on what the podcast creators have set, and those in turn will have to pay Apple $ 19.99 a year for it to offer that option.

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