North Korea challenges Joe Biden’s United States with two missiles


Pyongyang on Sunday launched its first challenge by launching two short-range missiles into Joe Biden’s United States. The government of the new US president is downplaying this gesture as it develops its strategy towards New Korea after the failure of direct diplomacy under the Trump era.

North Korea fired two missiles on Sunday, shortly after two U.S. ministers visited Seoul – the first such test since Joe Biden arrived at the White House – a U.S. official said Tuesday (March 23). “We know two missiles,” the official told AFP anonymously.

Other officials in the Biden administration insisted that it was a “short-range” organization classified under the category of “normal northern military operations.” One of them told reporters that the footage was “not allowed by UN Security Council resolutions against Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program.”

“North Korea has a well-known menu when sending a message to US governments – ballistic missiles, mobile and submarine missiles, nuclear and thermonuclear tests at various borders. Experts have figured out exactly what happened this weekend. At the bottom of that spectrum,” he said.

Observers have been anticipating North Korea’s abuses since the new US president arrived in January. Unlike previous shootings, this was not reported by South Korea, Japan or the United States at the time. Many experts have rated on Twitter that they are probably a relatively moderate response to the joint military maneuvers carried out by ship missiles, Washington and Seoul.

No contact at this time

Biden explained that management immediately noticed Sunday’s shooting, but did not want to “give too much publicity” to things that were not considered a major provocation.

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Following the efforts of its predecessor, Donald Trump, for direct diplomacy with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Biden administration is engaged in developing its strategy on North Korea, resulting in no progress in the nuclearization of the isolated country.

Since February, the new US administration has made no attempt to contact the North Korean leadership.

U.S. North Korea warned last week that it would not change its position until the United States abandons its “hostile policy” because trade ministers Foreign and Security officials, Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin, were in Seoul. Especially to strengthen Washington’s relationship with South Korea against Pyongyang.

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