Not on the inflation front or in employment

Without reviewing the 1.33% tested 48 hours ago, US long-term rates have embarked on a new journey to 1.315%: the “substance” of the moment is inflation, which, according to the Department of Labor, reached + 1.4% of import prices in January 2021 (+ 0.4% above consensus). One point), export prices rose to + 2.5% on raw data and 2.2% excluding agricultural products (consensus predicts an increase of + 0.8%).

Over 12 months, import prices have fallen by -0.9% and the film promises to be up to + 2.3% on exports (well, halfway through).

This is not bad news for the day as the employment front in the United States has continued to deteriorate since the end of January: unemployment benefits rose to +13,000 last week, up from 861,000 உண்மை but the fact is that this is an increase from the labor sector’s initial estimate of 793,000 to +68,000.

That’s almost 100,000 more than the expected 765,000.

Finally, the number of regular offer recipients fell from 64,000 the previous week to 4,494,000: a score is inconsistent due to the increase in records, but this can only be explained by the disappearance of a large number of statistics. The quality of the unemployed at the end is right in early February.

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