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Iran has been warning the United States. During a video conference in Brussels, Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif said a compromise was needed between Washington and Tehran to break the stalemate over the nuclear deal. “Europeans are used to compromise. Iran and the United States are not. The Americans are used to being imposed, we are used to being opposed. So we both compromise and the JCPOA (Joint Global Action Plan) ended in 2015), or we are going to restart our own paths”, European policy in Brussels He warned in an interview organized by the center.

“Reaching an agreement is always about giving and taking. JCPOA is flawed from our point of view, but also flawed from our Western partners. But anyway, this is the best deal we can have.” “Once the United States reconsiders the application for the treaty, we are ready to return to the JCPOA. It is very simple. We do not need further negotiations,” he argued. Tehran is sticking to its positions. “We are waiting (the new administration led by Joe Biden) to resume their duties under the JCPOA,” recalled the head of Iranian diplomacy.

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On this condition, he said, “We can hold further talks with P5 + 1. Until then, there is no reason for further talks,” recalling Iran’s condition for a direct meeting with Washington. The agreement signed by Tehran in Vienna in 2015 with the major powers (US, China, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom) as well as the European Union aims to prevent the Islamic Republic from buying the atomic bomb. The nuclear program should be exclusively public and peaceful. The international community lifted all sanctions against Iran.

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“The EU can play a very important role in returning to the JCPOA. I hope the E3 (France, Germany and Great Britain) and the EU understand that the culprits here are the United States, not Iran,” he said. Joseph Borel, head of European diplomacy coordinating the JCPOA’s Joint Commission, is trying to get all the soldiers around the negotiating table.

“Neither the current US administration nor the next administration can get a better deal with Iran than the JCPOA. Not with this government, not with the future government. This is a better deal,” he said. Mohammed Jawad Zarif finished. Former President Donald Trump has re-established all sanctions by removing the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

Joe Biden said Iran was ready to “come back” if it regained control over its nuclear program, from which it began to liberate itself in response to US sanctions. Iran demands the lifting of sanctions that have pushed the Iranian economy into a deep recession.

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