One year after Prona Taylor’s death, the FBI is investigating.

“Significant progress” made in FBI investigation into the death of Prona Taylor, a young black woman shot dead in her apartment Louisville police a year ago

To mark the first anniversary of the tragedy, protests are planned in this city in Kentucky (Middle East), which has become the center of the fight against police violence and racism in the United States.

Twelve months after the tragedy, local justice has charged only one of the three police officers involved and with indirect motive: for endangering the young woman’s neighbors. Announcing the decision, which is considered “contempt and slander” by lawyers for the Taylor family, there was occasional violence in Louisville in late September.

“Important Progress”

The beliefs of his relatives now open the trial in May 2020 in federal justice. “The FBI in Louisville is determined to bring it to an appropriate conclusion,” its official Robert Brown assured Saturday. “Significant improvement”.

On March 13, 2020, 26-year-old caregiver Prona Taylor was shot dead at midnight when police officers investigating a drug trafficking involving her ex-boyfriend showed her a warrant at her home. The arrest says “knock”, authorizing them to break down the door without notifying themselves.

Faced with this obstacle, Prona Taylor’s new comrade opened fire with a legally owned weapon. Officers retaliated and Prona Taylor was shot several times. He then explained that he had mistaken them for robbers. Despite his refusal, they confirm that they had introduced themselves before entering.

The death of Bronna Taylor did not attract much attention at first, but it came to the fore again as part of the larger anti-racist protests that rocked the United States after the death of George Floyd, a black forty-one suffocating white man on May 25 in Minneapolis.

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To end a family civil complaint, Louisville City Hall agreed to pay $ 12 million to Prona Taylor’s family and reform its policing.

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