Personal Finance: With these tips, you will take up to two weeks

Personal Finance: With these tips, you will take up to two weeks

At the end of the two weeks, you have very little money left? Do you have debts? Are you not saving? Or cut expenses down? If you answered that you know these questions, you should read the following content. In it, we tell you 3 tips to avoid getting caught in financial stress.

1. Keep track of your expenses

It is important that you know exactly how much money you receive per month and how much you are using to pay for food, housing, transportation, and personal expenses.

On the other hand, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef) says that to avoid falling into insolvency, the main financial rule is that you pay off your debts no more than 30 per person. Percent of your net income.

2. Re-evaluate your needs

Ask yourself: Do you really need this cool phone or pay TV plan? Can you do without the dress you saw online or this new shoe?

By identifying those unnecessary products or services, you reduce expenses and have extra money to save.

3. Live according to your reality

If you are currently paying rent in an expensive neighborhood, it is time to stop and look elsewhere. For example, if you spend 20,000 pesos a month to pay the rent, you might consider moving to the Del Gas neighborhood.


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